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  • Best of luck! I am thrilled to see you making this product and hope to get more info. Nice website too. I love that you date your pages. Sure wish all websites would do that!

  • Kim says:

    I’m excited about the retro look on your trailers. I’ll be checking back from time to time to see interior photos etc. Best of luck to you!

  • Jan Davey says:

    I love the retro style trailers, and I’m glad to see someone is making them once again. However, I would like to see a floor plan with the bed located in the back rather than on the side, so a privacy curtain can be installed. I love that the framework is aluminum, rather than wood. It’s probably much more durable, and less likely to rot over time. Also, the retro interiors are very popular now. I will be checking back to see what new ideas you come up with.

  • Hedy Laverdiere says:

    Wow! Love these interior colors! Have you any pics yet of the exterior as well as mid-interior, wondering what sofa and bath look like? I love that the dinette has back windows unlike most of the smaller trailers, great views! Do the windows have room darkening shades? Wondering if magnetic cafe rods can also be put up, as I may just have to have some sheers to add to the retro look. Your cabinets are gorgeous, very elegant. Wondering if Sirpilla RV (Camping World) in Akron, OH, or other in Northeast OH, will be carrying Paradise Coast?

  • Charlie Freeman says:

    Deborah and I are very much looking forward to taking delivery of our RKS this Spring. We have owned many types of RV’s, from a motorhome to a pop-up tent trailer, but after reading about and investigating the vintage trailer craze, and then renting a very old Aloha trailer for a weekend late this summer, we knew we wanted something that combined the timeless look of the older stuff with modern construction methods and high quality components. Can’t wait!
    Ted, it has been a pleasure working with you as we made our decisions about configuration and color. You have made the process simple and fun. Your willingness to answer questions (at all hours–that time zone thing!) and patiently guide us, has been refreshing.

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